Where Are They Now? - Ariana Richards: The Girl from Jurassic Park

The 90s was a decade which featured some very memorable performances by some very memorable child actors.  Some of the names that come to mind are Mara Wilson, Christina Ricci, Macaulay Culkin and that one kid who starred in Heavy Weights (his name is Aaron Schwartz in case you were wondering).  While a few child actors from the 90s turned out to be successful as adults, most kind of fell off the map of fame, whether by choice or because puberty was just plain cruel to them.

One such actress is Ariana Richards, a.k.a. the girl from Jurassic Park who has serious problems with adults leaving her in the midst of encounters with Tyrannosaurus Rexes.  In case your memory needs jogging, her character, Lex and her brother Tim ended up being a part of one of the most intense scenes to feature Velocirapters and kitchens, and ultimately her character's extensive nerdiness enables here to get all the systems in Jurassic Park back online after Newman effed everything up just so he could make a quick buck.  

Left: Ariana Richards as Lex Murphy in Jurassic Park.

Right: Ariana Richards in a recent interview.

Most people have sadly forgotten about Richards, as her role in Jurassic Park ended up being her most popular one.  She is still quietly active in acting, but she spends most of her time painting landscapes and figures at her home in Salem, Oregon.

And she's actually quite good at it too; in 2005 she took first place in the National Oil Painting Competition for her work "Lady of the Dahlias."  

Source: galleryariana.com

Source: galleryariana.com

Richards was one of the lucky childhood actors.  Today she is doing something she loves and she looks relatively happy and healthy, much like Mara Wilson (Matilda), who is now a prolific writer who wrote a very enlightening article on why so many child actors end up becoming like...

...this guy.


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