15 YouTube Videos that are Way Funnier than They Should Be

Over the years my brain has chosen to store some really random memories. I cannot, for the life of me remember much of anything about my wedding day, but I can distinctly recall the first time I ever watched a video on YouTube. I was a junior in High School in Ms. Bule's physics class. A few of my friends and I were supposed to be working on a project but we were wasting time watching a bunch of urban ninja. Here's the link to that very video, which is now 10 years old.

Ever since then, I have wasted countless hours on the site, both as a watcher and, more recently, as a creator. While I thoroughly enjoy informational and gaming channels I can't deny that I have spent hours looking at incredibly random, funny videos. There's just nothing like the joys that comes from finding a new, funny video that has the power to bring me to within an inch of asphyxiating from laughter.

As a man who truly believes the maxim, "sharing is caring," I feel it is my duty to share with you some of my absolute favorite oddly-funny videos. Most of them are a little under the radar (under one million views) but there are a couple that you may have seen before. 

Exploding Disney Princesses

My love for this video makes me feel so conflicted. On the one hand I have a great admiration for Walt Disney and I know he would hate this video, and pursue its creators to the full extent of the law. On the other hand, the video could replace any kind of core workout for me because of how hard it makes me laugh.

Kid gets super stoked about 4:20 PM

I fully realize that many people will not find this funny, either because they don't smoke marijuana or because they just find this kid's voice incredibly annoying. To be honest, I don't even know why I piss my pants when I watch this video, since I have never smoked a joint in my life, and have thus never been excited about 4:20.

But I do.

I think it's the face of his mother that gets me. She is just so over her obnoxious little punk kid. That look of disgust she gives the kid is so reminiscent of the look I received from my own mother many times in my teen years.

Awkward news report is made more awkward by a squabble between anchor and reporter

It was really hard to limit the number of live news melt-down videos appearing on this list. There's just something so incredibly hilarious about seeing a reporter's eyes go wide as they try to salvage the shipwreck their report has just become.

This video starts out being incredibly awkward, as a field reporter is interviewing a tenant and a landlord. The tenant is upset because the refit of an elevator is taking too long to complete. The landlord explains his point of view before the field-reportercuts the interview short due to time constraints.

The anchor in the studio feels the tenant did not got enough time to explain her point of view, and asks the reporter to get her back. What follows is one of the most awkward exchanges ever seen on a news program.

The unholy offspring of Randy Savage and dragons in Skyrim

This video answers the question that anyone who has taken a stroll through the snow-covered highlands of Skyrim has asked: What would happen if Randy Savage got it on with a dragon and had a kid? Well, you now have your answer.

Dipshiz breaks priceless audio recording

I don't know what's funnier: the expletive the dipshiz who ends up breaking an irreplaceable peace of audio-recording history utters, or the stupid line the younger goober-dipshiz says afterward. What the heck does he mean when he says, "That does happen from time to time?" What? Is destroying one-of-a-kind antiques a normal part of this guy's life?

Pet penguin goes shopping

It's a penguin walking down the street to the local fish monger. What else needs to be said?

News report recreates bear attack

Again, I did everything in my power to limit the number of news-related videos, but I couldn't deny you the pleasure of witnessing such fine reporting.

A tribute to the Toronto Raptors' raptor mascot

I don't even know where to begin with this video. The source material is funny in its own right and I have seen it many times. But when the video is combined with a moving, emotional score reminiscent of something you would hear on the Saving Private Ryan soundtrack, it becomes so much more.  

Evan the Teen Werewolf (Borderline NSFW)

I really debated about posting this video. On the one hand, if Evan is being serious then he legitimately needs serious help. On the other hand there's a good chance that he is just faking the whole thing as each subsequent video gets more and more outrageous, much like the World's Greatest Freakout kid.

Regardless of whether or not the video is real, it has some of the most quotable lines ever uttered on YouTube. My personal favorite is the line uttered at the very end. Though I do wonder how Sasquatch is going to be able to play his new Xbox 360... 

Oh, looks like Evan has an answer to that question in this decidedly NSFW video.

Trolling Vader

Comedy is 5% content and 95% timing. Need proof? Look no further than this piece of pure comedic genius.

I'm sure many of you have probably already seen this, but it had been removed from YouTube for some time before recently being re-uploaded. Every time I see Vader staring down the admiral, just daring him to say something. It highlights one of the greatest accomplishments the character design of Vader achieved: the ability to somehow convey emotion despite his face being covered by an expressionless mask.  

How to fix The Hobbit

I did not enjoy Peter Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy. I know it's just me being a snob, but I absolutely can not fathom how anybody could think making three movies out of a 300-page children's novel. I had very little optimism for this trilogy and when the first movie hit theaters, I was not disappointed. The movie was so long and the tedium was only punctuated by completely out-of-place scenes involving a  wizard who is perpetually stoned, wargs, and a sled being pulled by giant rabbits. I guess there are also stone giants and goblins, but the over abundance of CGI in those scenes makes them as forgettable as a dungeon in Skyrim. This video highlights how this movie could have been saved.

*Gasp* "The won tons!" And other out-of-context videos

This clip from Chopped illustrates how hilarious things taken out of context can be. For instance, take this unedited clip from season six of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Or this clip of George W. Bush:

I just love the way he says, "Botswana!" It's like there is someone texting in the audience and the POTUS is totally calling him out on it. Classic. 


I do not want to spoil this video for you. Just watch.

How about you? Do you know of any oddly funny YouTube videos? Be sure to share them in the comments below!