Toy Throwback Thursday: Street Sharks Action Figures

Who doesn't remember Street Sharks?  The four brothers were transformed by the nefarious Dr. Luther Paradigm with his "gene-slammer," a machine that can combine the genetic makeup of aquatic animals with people to make horrifying, yet jawsome monstrosities.  You could say the evil professor caused a paradigm shift in the way the field of genetics was applied.  The four end up becoming super-heroes  or some crap like that, and the evil Dr. Paradigm is combined with a piranha after which he becomes half-man, half-piranha.  He also adopts a new name...Dr. Piranoid.

The show was okay, but the toys were INSANELY popular.  It's little wonder why.  The commercial above just makes them seem so cool.  I mean, do you hear that wailing guitar pumping out generic 90s pseudo-metal?  And look at the way Jab caught the spear in his mouth?  Little kids were powerless against such high-caliber commercials.

Wanna know what else was cool about this series?

That's a Killer Whale.  Named Moby Lick.  Terrific.


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