Halloween at McDonald's in the 90s

Halloween is my favorite holiday (next to Arbor Day, Obviously).  The minute I get even a whiff of Fall in the air I am immediately primed to start putting together a costume, candying apples, traversing mazes made of maize and freaking myself right the heck out with scary movies. I have loved the holiday since I was a kid, and celebrating Halloween in the 90s was totally radical!  To that end I have decided to post something about Halloween in the 90s every week until Halloween.

To kick things off I decided to look at one of the coolest lines of McDonald's Happy Meal toys: The McNugget Buddies.



Any kid who ate at McDonald's in America in the 90's remembers these bad boys.  The first series was released in 1992 and featured McBoo McNugget, Mummie McNugget, Monster McNugget, Pumpkin McNugget, McNugula McNugget and Witchie McNugget.  Clearly the marketing team at McDonald's was just overflowing with originality.

The costumes were removable and interchangeable.  I can't describe how awesome these toys were.  The look and feel of them was just so perfect for a free toy, and you'd better believe kids did their darndest to convince their parents to take them to McDonald's every week in order to collect all six toys, which is exactly what McDonald's was hoping for.

In 1996 a second series of Spooky McNugget Buddies was launched.  While they were still awesome, the new costumes were not quite as awesome as the first line, although they were a little more original:

I will admit the Godzilla-esque figure was freakin' awesome.

So why didn't we see the return of these awesome toys after 1996?  Because, like with most things kids love parents threw conniption fits over the popularity of the toys.  They claimed the toys promoted unhealthy eating habits for children.  I can only assume those parents who were upset with the fast food chain had incredibly mature 8-year-olds who had their own money and means of getting to a McDonald's restaurant, unlike other kids their age whose tyrannical parents decided what they ate, regardless of what the child wanted.  Anywho the backlash was so great that McDonald's stop manufacturing food-based Happy Meal toys all together.

Finally, let;s look at the second-coolest thing McDonald's used to put out at Halloween:

A flood of nostalgia is flooding over me.

Each of these pails came with a cookie cutter.  One of the earliest Halloween memories I have is of Trick-or-Treating dressed as a train engineer, with my McDonald's pail in hand.  Halloween in the 90s was so glorious!

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