Whatever Happened to Dunkaroos?

There was nothing better for a 90s kid when he or she opened his lunchbox to find that mom had included a pack of Dunkaroos. Each blue plastic container of Dunkaroos contained 10 graham "crackers" (let's be honest, they were really like graham-flavored cookies) and a tiny pool of delicious frosting, speckled with sprinkles.

Sadly, the wondrous snack that was cherished by so many children of the 90s is no longer sold here in the US. 

Fear not though, Betty Crocker does still make the snacks and they are still sold in Canada. So the good news is, if you live near to Canada you could make a run up north to get your hands on the snacks (while you're their I recommend also picking up son delicious Dad's Cookies) or, if you are not in the mood to travel, you could order them on Amazon. Be warned: if you do find them, a case usually runs around $40 with a shipping charge of $25.

Then again we did see the resurgence of Surge this last year so who knows? Maybe one day Betty Crocker will bring back the glorious Dunkaroos. 

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