TTBT: Pokémon Cards

The minds who were behind the marketing of the Pokémon brand when it first launched in the 90s may have been the greatest to ever grace the world of commercial marketing. The brand started as a couple of Game Boy games released late in the portable console's life. These humble RPGs completely revitalized the Game Boy market and managed to be a huge hit in Japan and America. They were followed up by an Anime series and then a card game.

To say the card game was a hit would be an understatement on elephantine proportions. When Wizards of the Coast brought the lovable pocket monsters to the United States in 1998 it was to massive success. Hobby and toy stores struggled to keep them in stock due to massive demand. Children were getting into scuffles at school over trades that had gone sour. I myself remember when my school banned Pokémon cards due to numerous incidents. 

Every kid was dying to get his hands on one single card: the Holographic Charizard. Not to brag or anything, but at one point I had two Charizards-- one was even a first edition. Of course I got rid of my cards when I was a teenager and I felt like I needed to turn my back on Pokémon because it was for kids. It was a stupid decision since I have returned to my Pokémon obsession as an adult, but it's not like any of my old cards had any value, right?

Welp, now I'm depressed.

Which card were you desperately trying to get? Sound off in the comments!

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