Tommy Boy Has a Really Weird Easter Egg

The beginning of the film Tommy Boy sees the titular character taking and barely passing his final exam at Marquette University, allowing him to finally graduate. Sadly, there is a student who actually managed to do worse on the test. 

It's pretty impressive that Ms. Keller even took the test since, at the time, she would have been dead for nearly 30 years. Of course this was just a silly gag thrown into the movie for kicks and giggles. I gotta say though, taking a shot at somebody like Helen Keller, you know, the woman who was able to learn how to communicate and write despite being both deaf and blind, takes a lot of cojones.

What's even more interesting than jokes bordering on bad taste, is that Rob Lowe, who plays one of the villains in the movie was not credited for his work. This is because Mr. Lowe did the film as a favor to his good friend Chris Farley. Who knew he was such a good guy?

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