This Famous Comedian Was Almost the Voice of Goofy

Steve Martin is a man of many talents.  Not only is he a hilarious actor, starring in the likes of The Jerk, Planes Trains and Automobiles and of course the incredibly successful, and in no way unnecessary remake of The Pink Panther, he is also a very accomplished magician as well as a  banjo player.

Back in the 90s when Disney was planning to make a film adaptation of the Disney Channel favorite, Goof Troop,  Martin was actually being considered for voice of the titular character.  It's unknown why the deal fell through, although the most likely reason was to allow Bill Farmer, the man who voiced Goofy in the TV show, a chance to reprise his role as Goofy.  He has been providing the voice ever since.

Had Steve Martin been given the role of Goofy, it would not have been the first time he worked for Disney.  Many years ago Steve actually worked at the magic shop on Main Street USA in Disneyland.  In fact, if you go to the Opera House on Main Street today, there is a video in which he and Donald Duck detail the history of Disneyland in honor of the park's 50 year anniversary.  In the video Martin details his time as a cast member in the magic shop.

Steve Martin in Disneyland

Speaking of voices and Disney, here's one last fun fact: Wayne Alwine, the man who provided the voice for Mickey Mouse until his death in 2009, was married to Russi Taylor, the woman who provided the voice for Minnie Mouse.  So, you know, that's about the cutest thing ever.

Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor

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