This Famous Author Once Wrote for Clarissa Explains it All

Some 90s kids may recall a teen sitcom called Clarissa Explains It All. The show starred a then newly discovered talent, Melissa Joan Hart as the titular character and followed her as she got into all kinds of preadolescent shenanigans. The first Nickelodeon show to feature a female lead, it enjoyed 5 seasons of success before concluding in December of 1993 (you know, over 20 years ago). 

I personally never really cared for the show, though I think it may have been because my older sister loved it and boys, as you well know, should never, ever like anything their older sisters like.

After going back and watching some episodes I can appreciate the show for what it was now, although I question the parenting skills of any father who is totally fine with a teenage boy regularly climbing into his teenage daughter's second bedroom window via ladder.





As with most series, Clarissa Explains It All had many writers come and go. One episode, entitled "A Little Romance," was written by a young woman trying desperately to break into a career in writing. She ended up only writing one episode of the series and then assisted on another. She would continue to write for TV including six episodes of another Nick show The Secret Files of Shelby Woo. After working in TV throughout the 90s she would end up writing a series of novels. You've probably heard of them:

Source IMDB

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