The Voice of Maggie Simpson

I wanted to do one last entry about The Simpsons before the Every Simpsons Ever marathon concludes.  In deciding on one last Fun Fact (for now) to share about the beloved sitcom I chose to look to my favorite episode “Lisa's First Word” for inspiration.

The episode features Homer telling the story of Lisa being born and Bart adjusting to his new status as a big brother.  The episode ends on a n incredibly sweet note when Homer tucks Maggie in, telling her he hopes she never learns to talk because as soon as kids start talking, they start talking back.  As Homer shuts Maggie’s door, she removes her precious pacifier and utters her first word, “Daddy.”

So who actually uttered Maggie’s first word?  Who leant her voice to one of the most heartwarming sequences in any sitcom ever? 

Elizabeth Taylor. 

Hard to believe the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” was brought in to guest star saying only one word as a baby.  She would later come back to the Simpsons in the episode “Krusty Gets Kancelled” (spelling cancelled with a “K” just gave me kancer) where she would star as herself.

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