The Star Wars Rogue Squadron That Never Was

Rogue Squadron was the game that I got with my Nintendo 64 on Christmas, 1998. I ended up playing it to no end during the entirety of Christmas break. The game had some pretty punishing levels but, thanks to some incredible gameplay and graphic, replaying levels over and over again until I finally beat them did not seem like a chore.

When I received a Gamecube on Christmas, 2001 I was given Super Smash Bros. Melee and Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. I loved both games dearly, but it was Rogue Squadron that grabbed my attention for the duration of Christmas break once again. 

Rogue Squadron has thus always held kind of a special spot in my heart. To this day they are still my favorite Star Wars games, even though there have been plenty of technically "better" Star Wars games such as Battlefront, X-Wing and Tie Fighter. It's no surprise then, that I was somewhat disappointed when the Wii never got a Rogue Squadron title.

Factor 5, the company responsible for all Rogue Squadron games was in fact, working on a title for the Wii entitled Rogue Leaders but, sadly, the project was never completed due to Factor 5's financial failure.

The game featured content from both Rouge Leader and Rebel Strike which had been updated with a new graphic engine that ran at 60 fps. Options for controls included using a combination of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck as well as the Wii Steering Wheel for maneuvering and the Wii balance board to control speed during speeder-bike sections.

The game would have also taken advantage of the Wii Remote Plus in a 1:1 motion controlled lightsaber dueling mode, which would have allowed players to play as multiple Sith and Jedi leaders from the film. A trailer for the cancelled game can be seen below.

Does this sound like something you would have wanted to play? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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