The Origins of the Carlton Dance from Fresh prince of Bel-Air

The 90s gave us so much in terms of culture. From Nirvana to The Simpsons to Jurassic Park, truly we owe much of what makes Western Society great to the raddest decade of them all. 

But of all the great strides mankind made in the 90s nothing can compare to the glory one man on a prime time sitcom achieved by one simple, hypnotic dance:

Yes the Carlton Dance. Any self-respecting 90s kid is familiar with this glorious ode to dorkiness. But where did it come from? How did Alfonso Ribeiro conceive his trademark moves?

As it turns out we have three people to thank for serving as the inspiration for the Carlton.

Bruce Springsteen, Courtney Cox and Eddie Murphy.

In his video for "Dancing in the Dark," Springsteen invites a young Courtney Cox up to the stage upon which he is performing. When she gets on stage she throws down some serious moves:

Ribeiro has gone on record stating that he got the arm movements for his dance from this video. The leg movements were taken from Eddie Murphy's White Man Dance he performed in his  "Delirious" stand-up routine. Of course Ribeiro also added a few personal touches before blending it all together to make history.

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