The Nintendo Cell Phone That Never Was

With iPhone 6 pre-orders officially underway, and with this month marking Nintendo's 125th anniversary I thought it might be appropriate to share a fun fact about a phone that was, however briefly, under development by Nintendo.

You are looking at a diagram from a patent Nintendo filed way back in 2001, an age in which most phones' gaming capability consisted of "Snake" and "Snake."  The phone would have the capability to play Gameboy Color games.  Whether or not it would play cartridges is unclear, though the dimensions of the phone and the fact that there was a "Purchase of Game" option in the phone's menu system make it appear as if games would be downloaded.  Other images from the filed patent show how the phone would pause a game when receiving a phone call as well as other interface features.  


So why was this phone never put into production?  Just to piss fans off, naturally.  Or maybe becuase it wouldn't make sense for Nintendo to sabotage their incredibly successful and well established line of Game Boy products.  Still though, it would have been interesting to see a Nintendo line of phones.  Who knows, if this phone was released in 2003 Nintendo may have been able to get a strong foothold in the high-end mobile market, just like Sony's wildly popular Ericsson Xperia which you probably forgot existed until about one second ago.

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