The Light Bulb That Keeps Going, and Going, and Going...

There really are fewer things more obnoxious than a light bulb burning out, especially if you're like me who only buys light bulbs when he needs them, and usually waits until three or four bulbs have actually burned out before heading to the store to buy more.  

It's a real shame we don't have bulbs manufactured by Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern here in the states.  I here those bulbs last forever!

When you stop to think about it, the fact that I'm complaining about light bulbs at all is ridiculous, considering the fact that humans had to make due with much less dependable lighting.  

Like capturing freaking lightening bugs in a crystal bulb as seen on the generally accepted as historically accurate TV show, The Flintstones.

In 1901, the Livermore Fire Department in California decided to have done with pesky oil lamps and upgrade their headquarters with the sorcery that was electricity.  When the department bought it's first batch of light bulbs they did not know they were getting the literal deal of the century. You see, back in 1901 bulbs only lasted a few thousand hours before going kaput.  This meant that, as a rule, bulbs had to replaced every few months or so.  Of course there are always exceptions to rules.  Tucked away against a wall in the garage of the Livermore Fire Department is a bulb that has been shining for 113 years.

Known as "The Centennial Light Bulb" this little baby was one of the original bulbs installed when the station hooked up to the grid.  While it was turned off and on like a regular bulb for the first 75 years of its remarkable life, it has been shining non-stop since 1976, with the exception of a 9 and a half hour power failure in May of 2013.  The thing is still shining today!  Need proof?  click here to watch the bulb burning in real time.


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