The Crazy Superman We Never Got

I am trying my darndest to not write a scathing post decrying the state of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of DC’s Desperate Attempt to Keep Up  With Marvel, as I have not yet seen a trailer for the movie but it is getting to be really hard, as nearly every announcement made detracts from my opinion of the film.  I will say this however, as crazy/convoluted as the upcoming film sounds, it’s got nothing on the film we almost got in the 90s.  You know, the won which would feature Nicholas “Bees in His Eyes” Cage as Superman.

You read that right.  The film was to be called Superman Lives and would feature a Kevin Smith written storyline reminiscent of The Death of Superman.  It would have also featured  melding of Braniac and Lex Luthor into Lexiac.  I kid you not, that was part of the story.  And the cherry on top of this Bat$%@ Crazy Sundae Supreme?  Tim Burton was slated to direct.

Let that sink in.

Need help visualizing the craziness humanity missed out on?  Take a look at these real photos of Nicholas Cage trying on Superman costumes.



All of a sudden a Superman film crammed full of characters doesn't seem so crazy.



What do you think?  Are you sad we will never get to see what was sure to be a masterpiece?  Sound off in the comments below!

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