The 10 Best Episodes of the Simpsons

 5. Homer Loves Flanders

Season 5, Episode 16

Homer and Flanders

"Why do you mock me, O Lord?"

"Homer, that's not God.  That's just a waffle that Bart tossed up there."

"I know I shouldn't eat thee but-- Mmm...sacrilicious."

Homer is invited to a football game by his least favorite person ever: Ned Flanders.  As the day develops, Flanders buys Homer food and even gets hims a gameball signed by the quarterback.  Homer is so touched that, in a complete twist that nobody saw coming, he becomes friends with Flanders.

Of course being the best friend of a man like Homer would be a daunting task for anybody and so Flanders begins to hate Homer.  Homer's obliviousness to Flander's hatred mixed with his dogged attempts to hang out make for some of the Simpsons greatest gags.  Including the bit where Homer creepily slides out of Flanders' hedge to see if he wants to hang out.  Homer's reaction after Ned says no is priceless:



4. Homer's Enemy

Season 8, Episode 23

Frank Grimes

"Change the channel, Marge!"

When you stop to think about it, Homer really is doing much better than he should be in life.  Frank Grimes brought that fact to light in this episode.  As a man who has basically been crapped on his entire life, Grimes is excited when he is given a chance to work at the power plant.  he is horrified to find that Homer, the plant's safety inspector is completely incompetent.  He is horrified even further when he discovers that, despite his utter idiocy and laziness, Homer is loved by all, has a wonderful family and a  beautiful house.  In short Homer has had everything handed to him.

Grimes is so infuriated that he tries to demonstrate Homer's incompetency, accidentally electrocuting himself in the process.  There is also a side story in which Bart purchases a factory which creates some funny gags.  The cherry on top of this hilarious episode comes at Grimes' funeral:


 3. Marge vs. the Monorail

Season 4, Episode 12

Marge vs. the Monorail

"Homer! There's someone here who says he can help you!"


"No, he's a scientist."

"Batman's a scientist!"

"It's not Batman!"

Catchy musical numbers, a guest appearance by the legendary Leonard Nimoy and a hilarious reference to Batman.  What more could you possibly ask from an episode of the Simpsons?


 2. Deep Space Homer

Season 5, Episode 15

Homer Simpson in Space

"Default? The two sweetest words in the English language!  De-FAULT! De-FAULT!         De-FAULT! " 

In a desperate ploy to regenerate the public's interest in space exploration, NASA launches a search for an ordinary American to go into space.  It comes down to Barney and Homer.  Barney, who gives up alcohol and suddenly becomes incredibly intelligent, is chosen.  As a celebration they drink champagne which sends Barney off the deep end, meaning homer becomes the winner by default (which, as mentioned above are the two sweetest words in the English language) and is given the honor of going into space.

The number incredible one-liners in this episode is staggering.  The line "I for one, welcome our new insect overlords," originated in this episode.  But above all else, this episode taught America how incredible inanimate carbon rods are.


  1. Lisa's First Word

Season 4, Episode 10

Baby Lisa and Little Bart


After the entire family has been trying, unsuccessfully to get Maggie to speak, Marge is reminded of Lisa's first word so she tell the story to the family.  Almost the entire episode is a flashback to 1983 and 1984.  Besides giving the audience a chance to see how ridiculously cute Bart and Lisa were as a babies, it shows the trauma an only child can feel when a new baby is on the way.

It also has some of the series' most hilarious gags.  From homemade beds that look like maniacal clowns to Homer rocking out to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" this episode has a steady flow of laugh out loud moments.

The best part comes at the end when Homer puts Maggie to bed after an argument between Bart and Lisa has broken out.  As he lays his youngest daughter down to sleep in her crib he says, "The sooner kids talk, they talk back.  I hope you never say a word."  Homer then leaves, shutting the door, at which point Maggie takes her pacifier out and utters her first word.


Can you get any more heartwarming?  It's a scene that, without fail makes feel the feels.  But I'm not crying just thinking about it.  That would be ridiculous. Please watch the following clip to fully understand how much I am not crying:

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