Real Hoverboards are on Their Way

Ever since Back to the Future Part II debuted in 1989, kids have been anxiously waiting for flying cars, re-hydratable pizza and hoverboards to make the leap from science fiction to reality.  For whatever reason, scientists have been more concerned with finding cures to diseases and more efficient ways of sharing cute photos of cats.  Fortunately it seems science has finally got their crap together and will be delivering one of the technologies promised by Back to the Future.  While it seems re-hydratable pizza will not be debuting anytime soon, we will have the opportunity to try out hoverboards by next year.

Back to the Future Pizza

Greg Henderson, an architect with huge ambitions, has developed the world's first hoverboard.  Utilizing electromagnetic fields, in much the same way as monorail trains, Henderson's boards manage to defy long as you have a metallic, magnetic surface to hover over.  While it is a bummer that the boards do not work over any surface, it's still a major step in the right direction. 

Real Life Hoverboard

Concept art for Henderson's prototype hoverboard

Oddly enough, hoverboards are not the end goal for Henderson.  He is hoping to garner the funds necessary to research levitating buildings by marketing his hover technology in a way that appeals to consumers.  Henderson believes that making levitating buildings would protect structures from things like floods and earthquakes.  

The boards should be hitting the market on October 21st, 2015-- the date Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II.  I cannot wait.


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