What Did Vikings Do for Fun?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hangout with a Viking on a Saturday night?  No doubt the night would be filled with horned helmets, much pillaging, rape and grog.  First of all, Vikings never wore horned helmets.  Second of all, a Viking would be more likely to want to play a game of Risk, than to spread anarchy.

Contrary to popular belief, the Vikings were not complete barbarians.  They had a set of very strict rules, including a law which allowed you to kill any convicted rapist with total impunity.  They also thoroughly enjoyed board games.  There have been tons of wooden boards, bone dice, and ivory game pieces found throughout Viking archaeological sites suggesting that people from all classes enjoyed coming together for a nice game of Hnefatafl.   So the next time you are playing host to an ancient viking who accidentally stepped into a Tardis, I suggest breaking out the chessboard lieu of your buckler and ax.


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