McDonald's Terrifying Mascot

So in case you have not heard, McDonald's unveiled a new mascot this year to advertise their iconic Happy Meal to kids.  His name is Happy.

I just want to warn you to not stare at this photo for more than 2 seconds, as Happy's image alone has been known to feast upon the souls of its beholders.  Seriously, this mascot has been lampooned by all corners of the internet, but I honestly think McDonald's had at least one mascot that was ten times creepier.  Please watch the following video to see what I am talking about.  It is the 1963 premiere of Ronald McDonald.

Where to begin?  First of all let's talk about how utterly terrifying the original Ronald McDonald looked.  I mean just look at that smile.  It screams "I'm gonna murder you and your entire family ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"  Secondly, he's totally prowling the streets for children, telling them that he's no stranger, he's Ronald McDonald.  Seriously this ad totally tells children to never talk to strangers...unless they say they are a famous mascot, in which case you go right on ahead into their van for some free puppies and candy.

Happy may be frightening, but honestly he has nothing on the original Ronald McDonald!


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