Jack O' Lanterns Origins

Some of the stuff we do for Halloween is weird.  Like seriously weird.  We let our kids knock on strangers' doors, demanding candy and threatening mischief if they are not given their sweets, perfectly normal women dress like skanks, and we carve faces on gourds.  

Source: http://io9.com/disney-princesses-in-battle-armor-this-weekends-best-c-1626252795

Source: http://io9.com/disney-princesses-in-battle-armor-this-weekends-best-c-1626252795

Sexy Disney Princesses in battle armor.  Technically this is from an anime expo, but it illustrates my "trollop" point.  Now I am no expert in war, but I always thought the point of armor was to COVER as much flesh as possible to keep you, you know, protected.


There is a tale which has been told in Ireland for a few centuries called "The Legend of Stingy of Jack" which details the life of miserable drunk who ends up sharing a drink with the devil.  As his name suggests, Jack pulled a rather stingy move by convincing the devil to turn into a coin to pay for their drinks.  When the devil did so, Jack immediately put him in his bag next to a silver cross, thus preventing the devil from turning back into his regular form.  Which makes me wonder how somebody stupid enough to let himself get caught by a drunkard, has managed to be such a pox to humankind for the last ever.  

Source: http://www.puppiesandflowers.com/?p=535

Source: http://www.puppiesandflowers.com/?p=535

I mean, the dingus even wears polka-dot underwear... 


Jack finally offered to let the devil go, but only after the devil promised to leave him alone for a whole year.  The devil also agreed to not claim his soul when he died.  The next year, Jack somehow managed to convince the devil to climb a tree to get him a piece of fruit, presumably as a form of ironic revenge for that time the devil made life a lot more difficult for everybody ever born by tricking Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.   

Upon dying, the man was denied a place in Heaven and Hell, because of the original promise the devil made not claim his soul, and because God didn't want a drunk who made a habit of messing with the Prince of Darkness just for kicks and giggles, mucking up Heaven.  So Jack was sent back to wander the earth with nothing but a single coal to light his way.  Jack hallowed out a turnip and place the coal inside to make a lantern.  He became known as "Jack of the Lantern" and later just "Jack o' Lantern."

Eventually people in Ireland started hallowing out turnips and potatoes and placing candles inside.  Soon they began carving faces into their lanterns and placing them in their windows.

Turns out early Jack O' Lanterns were absolutely terrifying.

When the Irish began to immigrate to America during the Great Potato Famine they brought their Halloween traditions with them, which is great for us because the Protestant founders of America absolutely hated Halloween.  If they had had their way, the holiday would never have been celebrated in the States.  So yeah we have the Irish to thank for bringing us Halloween and Liam Neeson.

Source:  http://whatsappgupshup.com/tag/liam-neeson-i-will-find-you/

Source:  http://whatsappgupshup.com/tag/liam-neeson-i-will-find-you/

Bless you Ireland.  Bless you.

The Irish immigrants started using America's abundant supply of pumpkins for their Jack O' Lanterns, and they have since become the standard for Jack O' Lanterns today.


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Source for Header Image: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jack-o-lantern-FR.JPG