Monday Motivation: Celebrities Who Got Their Start in Commercials

Everybody has to start off somewhere.  The following list features successful actors all got their start in advertising. If you're feeling like you are stuck in a dead end job, just remember it could be the doorway to something great.

SNES Ad featuring Paul Rudd.


A very young (and skinny) Jack Black in a commercial for the classic game, Pitfall.

Steve Carrell in a late 80s to early 90s Brown's Chicken ad.


Keanu Reeves giving the performance of his career in a late 80s Corn Flakes commercial.

A very young Brad Pitt lending his talents to promote Pringles.


George Costanza himself.  Jason Alxeander is featured in this so-cheesy-you-can-taste-it McDonald's commercial from the 80s.


Bruce Willis promoting Seagram's wine coolers.  I just love the fact that Willis was a ladies man long before he was a successful actor.


Okay, so these commercials were filmed after Nicolas Cage became successful...ish, but I just couldn't resist showing these thoroughly crazy, thoroughly Nicolas Cage Japanese commercials promoting Pachinko.  The craziest/creepiest moment for me happens right around the 1:15 mark.  Enjoy.


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