Homer and Marge are Both Hiding Something

There are few shows which match the brilliance of The Simpsons-- at least the older episodes.  From the show's humble beginnings on The Tracy Ullman Show to the recent, utterly awful cross-over with Family Guy the show has had many changes over the years.

For instance: Early in the show's life, the writers had originally planned for Homer (originally known as Captain Wacky) to have an alter-ego.  Many fans of the sure have pointed out how similar in looks both Homer and Krusty the Clown are.  In fact the show's writers acknowledged this observation in an episode which aired during the sixth season in which Homer becomes a Krusty the Clown look-alike.  The uncanny resemblance is no accident; it was to be the basis of an incredible twist in the show.

Krusty (on the left) and Homer (on the right).  From  "Homie the Clown"

The first few seasons of The Simpsons often highlighted Bart's borderline obsession with Krusty the Clown, in fact Bart absolutely idolized the funny man.  At the same time Homer often elicited Bart's scorn and disrespect.  The disparity between Bart's feelings for Krusty and Homer gave Matt Groening, the show's creator and idea: What if Homer was secretly the clown his son admired so much?  The plan was to keep Homer's alter-ego secret from Bart and the audience for years only to have it revealed the end of the series.  Sadly, Groening thought the concept would be too complicated to keep up for what I assume he must have thought would be, at most, six or seven seasons.  Sad day.

Speaking of character secrets, did you know Marge was originally supposed to be a rabbit?  

To understand where Matt Groening got the crazy idea for this (hopefully) completely abandoned idea you have to understand what he was doing before The Simpsons.  Life in Hell was a comic strip which ran from 1977 to 2012.  Some of the recurring characters were rabbits.  Why did it feature rabbits?  Because Matt Groening.  Anywhos, Groening thought it would be cute for Marge to reveal she was hiding rabbit ears with her hair during her entire marriage to Homer.  I'm assuming this would have meant that Marge was in actuality a rabbit living in hell which, given some of the situations she's finds herself in, would make a lot of sense.  Thankfully Sam Simon told Matt how stupid that idea was so it was abandoned.  

Apparently the idea was scrapped after The Simpsons Arcade Game was developed.

Of course who knows?  Maybe we will find out that Marge really does have rabbit ears after the second coming of Christ when the show ends.  It's unlikely, given that she is seen with her hair down on multiple occasions, but then again whose to say she can't tuck her ears down when here hair is down?

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