Goof Troop: Eight Fun Facts

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you eight fun facts about the 90s classic, Goof Troop.

1. Pete is one old son of a gun.

Pete is actually older than both Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Mickey's predecessor). In the 1920s, Walt Disney was just breaking on to the animation scene. He was the creator of some very unique cartoons featuring Alice from Lewis Carroll's novel, Alice in Wonderland. The shorts featured a real girl alongside cartoon characters and one of the recurring cartoon villains was Bootleg Pete, a insidious bear who made a living by bootlegging alcohol, hence the name. He was later featured in the Oswald shorts, making his first appearance opposite Oswald in "The Ocean Hop."

After Universal Studios swindled Oswald the Lucky Rabbit out of the hands of Disney, he was forced to create a new protagonist for a new series. The result was Mortimer Mouse whose name was (wisely) changed to Mickey Mouse.

In "Steamboat Willie" Mickey's nemesis, Pegleg Pete was introduced. While he was essentially the same character as the Pete that had appeared in Disney's earlier work, the animators changed him from a bear to a cat, as they didn't want to keep such an obvious connection to their previous work.

Huh. Pete looks good for a 90-year-old.

2. Goofy Begins

Goofy made his debut, signature laugh and all, as a particularly obnoxious audience member at a symphony performance directed by Mickey Mouse in the 1932 short, "Mickey's Review."

At the time he was known as Dippy Dawg. He was introduced as Goofy in the 1934 short, "Orphan's Benefit." He would go on to become a regular cast member in the Mickey Mouse cartoons and, along with Donald and Mickey, formed a part of Disney's most famous trio of cartoon characters.

3. Goofy and Pete both served in World War II.

In addition to being adored by kids the world over, Goofy also served as the mascot for the 602d Bombardment Squadron in the US Army during World War II. The emblem features Goofy dressed as a leprechaun, sporting a very un-Goofy-like scowl. Similarly, Pete also served as a WWII mascot for the Merchant Marine, a force of civilian-owned vessels which can be called up in times of war to transport cargo and military units. 



4. What's in a name?

Pete's wife in Goof Troop is named Peg Pete. This is a throwback to her husband's early name, Pegleg Pete. Pete's step daughter Pistol likewise references a famous name. Indeed, her name may even be referencing one of the NCAA's creepiest mascots.


Sorry OSU fans, you may have darn good football and basketball teams, but Pistol Pete is the stuff of nightmares.

5. Goofy completely screwed-up Pete's greatest chance for glory.

Pete and Goofy actually have a long history. When both were in high school, Pete was the star quarterback on the football team. In the championship game, Pete ended up fumbling the ball which caused the team to lose. Why did Pete fumble the ball? A certain male cheerleader by the name of Goofy accidentally kicked him in the head. That fateful game's outcome is a big reason for Pete's disdain toward Goofy.

6. The not so cuddly origin of Spoonerville's name.

The town Goof Troop is set in is called Spoonerville. This name was not given because the town's inhabitants are particularly cuddly however; the town got its unique name from the series' layout artist, J. Michael Spooner.

7. "Don't have a cow, man!"

In the season two episode "Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas" Pistol says the line "Like don't have a cowbell, man." This line references one of the famous catchphrases of Bart Simpson from The Simpsons. Nancy Cartwright, the actor who gave her voice to Pistol, also starred as Bart on the primetime series. This line is thus a little inside joke.

8. What the heck happened to Pete's wife?

In A Goofy Movie, Pete's wife Peg and her daughter Pistol is nowhere to be seen. Pete is also now working as a baby photographer instead of an unsuccessful used car salesmen. These inconsistencies have led some fans to theorize that Pete's business went under and that Peg left him. However, there is zero indication that Peg is anything but in love with Pete in the show, making this theory a bit far-fetched.

Another theory is that Peg is simply visiting her mother with Pistol. The reality is, that there has been no reason given for her disappearance, and in fact she and Pistol may have been omitted so the writers could focus in on Goofy, Max, Pete and PJ.

On a slightly unrelated note: don't image search Peg without your safe search at its maximum level...unless your want to seriously compromise your childhood memories. Rule 34 is real, folks.

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