Tom Hanks' Unhealthy Obsession with Urine

Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors of this generation. Although his career started with him taking comedic roles, the 90s saw him come into his stride as a dramatic actor. Whether he was tugging at heartstrings while talking to his dead wife in Forrest Gump or inspiring us with his bravery in Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks delivers incredibly memorable experiences.

He is also obsessed with urine.

Like super obsessed with it.

Consider Apollo 13. Ron Howard's powerful drama detailing the events of NASA's nearly disastrous Apollo 13 mission is nearly perfect. The pacing heightens the tension felt by the astronauts, their families and Ground Control and the actors deliver incredible performances. But there is one scene which seems a bit out of place.

The scene shows Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) draining the dragon in the Odyssey's waste system. When he is done, he dumps the piddle into space. The audience is then treated to seeing his piss blast into space. It's a scene that probably cost a lot money since it employs some CGI elements. Think about that. Someone (actually probably multiple "someones") spent hours upon hours recreating Tom Hanks' urine spraying out into the cold vacuum of space, its inertia carrying it forever into the cosmos until it hits the side of an alien spacecraft, inciting the extra terrestrials to invade earth only to be stopped by Jeff Goldblum's PowerBook. 

Anyway, the scene really adds nothing to the story, but as it turns out, it happens to be one of his more subtle pee scenes. Ladies and gentlemen it is with greatest pleasure that I present you with some fine examples of Tom Hanks' obsession with wizz.

As with most actors, Tom Hanks began his career being a pee-on just like in this scene from Money Pit:

There is another scene in this movie when Tom Hanks gets into a literal pissing contest with the fountain in this clip.

A League of Their Own was a wonderful movie about women playing baseball just as well as men do and how men and women should be equals. It teaches some very important values to all who watch the film. It also has this piece of genius film-making:

The filmmakers behind Forrest Gump bring JFK back from the dead so Tom Hanks can do this:

Of course by the time he was starring in The Green Mile Tom Hanks had the influence make peeing one of the main plot-points of the film:

Some other pee-centric scenes in Tom Hanks career:

  • Tom Hanks bladder gives him all kinds of grief when he absolutely can't leave a payphone in The Terminal.
  • Tom Hanks pooping (and presumably peeing) behind some bushes as an establishing shot in a scene in Castaway.
  • Captain Miller, who is portrayed by Hanks, tells a heartwarming story about a bully peeing in people's jackets in Saving Private Ryan.
  • Captain Phillips, again portrayed by Hanks, tries to escape his captors by saying he has to "take a piss" in Captain Phillips. 

Source: Cracked

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