The Origins of EarthBound's Main Baddie, Giygas

Anybody who has played EarthBound as a child was likely severely traumatized by the game's final boss, Giygas.  Throughout 99% of the game there is a tone of lightheartedness and silliness.  Of course beneath the game's funny and cute exterior lies a story that is both heartwarming, and at times surprisingly dark.  All of the cute faded away during that last battle, however.  Very disturbing music plays, while Giygas says incoherent things such as "It hurts...I feel's not's not's not right."  The game's creator, Shigesato Itoi, has stated that the dialogue spoken by Giygas was inspired by a scene from an adult movie he accidentally saw as a child which he believed depicted a woman being raped.

This is the music that plays during the battle Giygas.  

Heavy stuff, to be sure.  The battle has since gone down as one of the greatest RPG bosses of all time.  It is a unique, scary and utterly unforgettable battle.   

Less rememebered (at least here in the States) is Giygas' first appearence in Mother, the game to which EarthBound is a sequel.  Because Mother was never officially localized outside of Japan there are many who are unfamiliar with Giygas' back story.  

He was an alien who was raised by two humans named Maria and George, who were abducted by Giygas' race in 1909.  The couple raised him with a great deal of care and love.  Eventually he couple learned how to use the psychic powers their abductors specialized in, and managed to escape to Earth. 

After maturing, Giygas is tasked with heading up the invasion of Earth.  Harboring deep affection for Maria, the woman who raised him, Giygas is quite reluctant to perform the task, but he agrees to invade Earth.  When he arrives, 80 years later, he is confronted by the great-grandson of George and Maria, Ninten.

Original Concept art of Ninten.

Original Concept art of Ninten.

Upon learning that Ninten is the great-grandson of Maria, Giygas offers to bring Ninten back with him, out of his affection for Maria.  Ninten declines, and a battle ensues.  It does not take long for Ninten to realize he is no match for the powerful alien, so upon the advice from his great-grandmother he and his companions sing the lullaby called "Eight Melodies" that Matia used to sing to Giygas.   The song brings suppressed comforting memories  his adoptive mother and he is placated.  Giygas retreats, but vows to return one day.  

Giygas from Mother

Giygas, as he appeared in Mother.

When he finally does return during the events of Mother 2 (EarthBound) he has lost both his body and mind in the pursuit of ultimate dark power.  He was abandoned by his mother and he was forced to invade the planet where she hailed from is it any wonder that, in his pain he sought for ultimate power?  Giygas' story just goes to show how complex and dynamic the Mother series is.  It is such a shame we only got one of the three games here in the states.


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