Toy Throwback Thursday: Burger King Pokemon Toys

There is no other video game franchise in the history of gaming that has been as successful at merchandising as Pokemon.  There's been spin-off games, televisions shows, feature-length movies, a ridiculously successful card-game, and toys, lots and lots of toys.  Given the series' phenomenal success, it is small wonder that, in 1999 Burger used the series as an inspiration for one of their most successful toy promotions ever.

Fast food companies have been giving away toys in their kids meals for many years now.  Usually they release a set of eight to ten toys so that children will beg their moms to come back each week to get a new toy.  How the execs of these companies can sleep at night knowing they are manipulating children and starting them on a path to addiction, in order to make more money is beyond me, but hey those are the limitations that come with having a moral compass.  

The Burger King

The Burger King, the current CEO of Burger King.  As you can see he's all about the bling.

Any way, Burger King decided eight to ten Pokemon toys was just not enough so they started a promotion that featured 57 different Pokemon toys in a promotion that cost $23 million.  The promotion featured different Pokemon who stood between two and three inches tall.  They came in a nifty Poke Ball container that split into to pieces.  Of course Mewtwo, being pretty much the coolest Pokemon ever, had a special case he came in, but the other 56 Pokemon came in the aforementioned Poke Balls.  

Even cooler, was the simultaneous promotion in which Burger King sold 23-Karat gold-plated Pokemon cards.  Of course I, being the stupid impressionable child of 11 that I was, begged my mother to buy me those cards, because I just knew they would be worth something some day, especially Mewtwo since he's about the coolest Pokemon ever.  



Just look at how cool he looks!  

I've since lost my gold-plated Mewtwo card.  I went to eBay to see if I could afford to buy another one, now that they are worth way more than they were originally.

You can get it for $4.99. 


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