Be Prepared: The Voice of Scar Did NOT Sing One of the Lion King's Most Iconic Songs

The late 80s and 90s were witness to the glorious Disney Renaissance. The era when Disney animation returned to its former glory. During this time Disney released The Lion Hamlet…er, I mean…The Lion King.

The story followed Simba, a lion prince whose father is killed by his jealous uncle, Scar. The nefarious fraternacidal lion is voiced by Jeremy Irons. While recording the song “Be Prepared,” Mr. Irons actually damaged his vocal chords, and he could no longer hit the notes in the song. 


Jeremy Irons

In order to complete the song, the producers brought in the well-accomplished voice actor Jim Cummings. He ended up doing most of the singing while Jeremy Irons did most of the talking in the number. 

If you are impressed with how much Mr. Cummings sounds like Jeremy Irons consider this: Jim Cummings is most famous for doing the voice of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. So yeah, Winnie the Pooh sang one of the most iconic villain numbers in Disney history.

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