Shakespeare Was a Dirty, Dirty Man

Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies. Indeed, the writing is so good that, even when a film adaptation includes Keanu Reeves as the traitorous Don John it still manages to receive accolades. But did you know that its title is actually a double entendre?

Slang has a way of changing from decade to decade. Tell a teen today that they are they may have no idea that you just said they supremely awesome. Tell a kid in the 90s that their shoulder pads are so "boss" they may have no idea that, in 80s slang, you just said you like their shoulder pads.

One of the prime breeding grounds for slang is the human genitals. In an effort to keep my website family friendly, I won't list any names here but I know the male and female genitals by at least 10 different names. Back in Shakespeare's day "nothing" was a very common slang word for...well...the female naughty bits. In other words Much Ado About Nothing could be rendered as Much Ado About Va-Jay-Jay.

Also on a related note, Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway.

Not that Anne Hathaway...

...that Anne Hathaway.

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