26 Toys Every 90s Kid Will Remember

The 90s was the best decade for toys.

It's just a scientific fact.

What 90s kid doesn't have fond memories playing with the likes of Power Rangers, Micro Machines and other plastic wonders? I'm not saying all the toys today suck...I'm just saying that, no matter how good the toys of today are, they will never come close to the greatness of the dervishes we had in the raddest decade of them all.

1. Come on, Pogs will forever be intertwined with the memory of the 90s. How could they not make the list?

2. If collecting Pogs weren't your thing then maybe you tried to collect all 151 Pokémon with the help of your Pokédex.

3. Of course Pokémon could be a handful so maybe you wanted a nice and tame Giga Pet...

...or maybe the anxiety-producing Tamagotchi

4. Tamagotchis may have been high maintenance, but at least they didn't keep you up all night like this little fetcher did.

5. Then again why worry about toy pets when you could have a doll that simulated the most fun part of being a parent like Baby Alive?

6. You know what was sicker than fake baby shiz? Gak.

7. The 90s had some of the best action figures like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

8. ...Street Sharks...

9. ...Power Rangers (Notice how the girls' shoulders were every bit as broad as the dudes)...

10. ...Transformers that turned into cheetahs, gorillas and T-Rexes instead of boring old cars trucks or planes...

11. ...and, of course, Exo Squad.


12. It was also a great decade for construction toys like K'nex...


13. ...and Legos...back when they made awesome sets like this

Note: The original image was of a set released in 2009. It has since been corrected.

Note: The original image was of a set released in 2009. It has since been corrected.

14. When it was nice outside it was time for a Super Soaker war.


15. Or maybe some Skip-It...

16. ..for a real challenge, you could try Skip-It while wearing Moon Boots.

17. Speaking of challenges, I distinctly remember wasting hours on the challenge that was Bop It. Oddly enough, I never realized how suggestive the game was until now...

...especially the "Pull It"command...yikes.


18. This guy. THIS GUY was a total douche.

19. Sky Dancers were pretty cool...

...just remember...never use them close to a fire.

20. Don't worry, the fellas also had some hecka rad spinning death trap toys.

21. Barbies were crazy fly...

22. ...as were the Troll Dolls.

23. PlaySkool made an awesome doll house to help little kids transition into big-kid toys.

24. Micro Machines were responsible for some serious foot pain when they were inevitably stepped on.

25. If you wanted to pull some funny pranks using voices the Talkboy was indispensable.


26. And this ticklish fetcher nearly caused the collapse of Western Society when it first hit store shelves.

That's it for this list. What toys did I miss? let me know in the comments below!

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