Tommy from Rugrats: Hero in Diapers

If you grew up in the 90s there is a very good chance that you watched your fair share of the Nickelodeon classic,  Rugrats.  The show followed the exploits precocious toddlers as they interacted with a world that was still new and strange to them.  It featured two twins named Phil and Lil, a neurotic toddler named Chuckie and their fearless leader, Tommy Pickles.

There is a reason that Tommy is so brave, kind and adventurous.  In one of the most touching episodes of the series, "Mother's Day" Tommy recalls the first memory he has of his mother.  He was born premature and thus had to be kept in an incubator.  He tells the other kids about how scared and alone he felt in the incubator, until his mom came and held his hand, dispelling all of his fear.  Thus, because of his premature birth, Tommy learned to be brave right from the get-go of his life.

Whoa, easy there Tommy...I think you're getting a bit too adventurous.

Of course every hero has to have a sidekick who doubles as a best friend.  Chuckie Finster fills that role for Tommy in Rugrats.   Chuckie is pretty much the exact opposite of Tommy with a full head of flyaway hair, extreme anxiety and a distaste for adventure.  An awkward looking ginger, Chuckie was actually modeled after the series composer, Mark Mothersbaugh:

Of course some of you electronic music fans may remember Mark looking more like this when he was with Devo:

I'm going to leave you with one final fun fact about Rugrats: the voice of Tommy is also the not-girlfriend of Pee-Wee Herman in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure:

She also apparently has an awful plastic surgeon.