No film can be properly enjoyed in the theater without a nice, cold Coke and a large bucket tub of butter-drenched, artery-clogging popcorn.  Indeed, if you are like me you cannot imagine going to the movies without having popcorn to munch on.

What some people may not know is that popcorn is actually much older than movies.  Like way older than movies.  Actually it's much older than all of Christendom. Heck, Popcorn even predates the Great Pyramid of Giza by a good 2,000 years.  The earliest sign of popcorn was discovered in the form of two ears of corn discovered in Peru which may date back to 4,700 BC.  So basically mankind discovered, and domesticated popcorn around the same time he also invented the wheel, albeit in a different part of the world.

It would not be long before the two inventions were coupled.


Popcorn owes it's ubiquity in the United States to the Great Depression and World War II. Because the treat was so inexpensive, many families found themselves opting for popcorn instead of pricier snacks like peanuts and candy during the Great Depression.  With World War II came sugar rationing.  Thus it was much easier to produce popcorn.  As a result Americans consumed three times as much popcorn as they had before.  Thus popcorn enjoyed a great deal of success during two incredibly bleak periods of American history.  In other words our sorrow sustained popcorn.