Mighty Morphin' (Gender Confused) Power Rangers

Power Rangers was an essential staple in the 90s kid's lineup of television shows he or she watched regularly.  Of course I look back on the show now and I chuckle at how I was constantly surprised by what happened on the show.

"Putties?!  I did not see that coming!"

Every episode has the exact same plot: The kids are hanging out at school or the juice bar when all of a sudden Putties show up and Zordon calls them into action.  The rangers fight the putties without their powers, become overwhelmed, morph and then finally mop up the ridiculously pathetic goons.  After that, the goat looking dude who is part of Rita's entourage, makes a monster out of clay-- an action which I must assume is some veiled symbolism of God creating man out of clay, for is not man a monster?  

Anyway, the monster fights the rangers as normal size, then he grows to gigantic proportions-- why they didn't make the monster big in the first place is beyond me-- and finally the rangers call on their Zords to defeat the monster.  The end.  

The only reason that worked is because I was a kid.  And I was stupid.  Because kids are stupid.  If they weren't there would not have been a Cars 2 or Planes: Fire and Rescue.

Maybe, and I'm just spit-balling here, if you didn't do the same thing every time, you might actually be able to beat the Power Rangers.

Anyway, now that I've simultaneously offended every Power Rangers fan and parent, I want to get to the point of this fun fact.  Have you ever noticed that the Pink Ranger (aka Kimberly Hart, aka the first woman to make me feel things I never had before) has an outfit with a skirt while the yellow ranger, who is also a woman, does not?  

As many of you know, Power Rangers was based on a Japanese show called Kyuranger. In order to save on costs Saban spliced footage of the American teens out of costume with the action footage from Kyuranger.

In the Japanese version, only the Pink Ranger was a girl, so the Yellow Ranger had no skirt as it would have been weird for a guy to wear a skirt.  When the show came over to America they wanted more of a female presence so they simply switched the Yellow Ranger's gender.

Well, now I know what that weird  bulge was all these years.

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