What Does Skyrim Share with Super Mario 64?

Charles Martinet is a name that any hardcore Super Mario fan is familiar with.  Since 1996 he has provided the voice for Nintendo's portly mustached plumber.  His voice has become instantly recognizable and it's now hard to picture Mario without hearing his signature "Itsa me, Mario!"

What many gamers may not know, is that Charles Martinet also provided the voice for Paarthurnax, the Dragon leader of the Greybeards.  So in other words, the guy that who said all this:

Also said all of this:

Oh yeah, he's also the announcer dude for BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: Futur Legend of Rhythm Alien, a game which, if you have not played already, absolutely needs to be played.  Not only is it über addicting, it's also flippin' hilarious, as you can see from the intro advertisements voiced by Martinet: