The Voice of the Night

If you haven't seen Batman: The Animated Series then what the heck are you doing here?  Amazon has a good chunk of the series available to stream on their "Prime" service.  Go there now and experience what is arguably the greatest comic-book-based cartoon series to ever grace the airwaves.  Sure the show was made for children, but it still managed to retain the dark and brooding atmosphere of the modern comics. Central to the show's amazing atmosphere were the voice actors.

It's common knowledge that the voice of the Joker was none other than this guy:

Oh yes Luke, it is possible.

While the face of the man who provided the voice for the joker is easily recognizable by even the most casual of Bat-Fans, not so many people would recognize the voice of the Caped Crusader.  The actor's name is Kevin Conroy, and he is easily my favorite Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Here's a taste of what Conroy sounds like.

Conroy brought a certain subtlety to the character.  He had a charming voice for Bruce Wayne and a only slightly raspy, menacing voice for Batman.  Unlike a certain recent actor's take on the hero...

"Huyuhhu huhya huhya Rachel!" - Batman

It's hard to imagine the animated Batman having any other voice besides Conroy's.  Heck, he was so good at doing the voice for the Dark Knight Rocksteady has had him providing the voice for Batman in the Arkham series of games with the exception of "Arkham Origins" a game which features a younger Batman who sounds older for some reason.  As it turns out, when Kevin auditioned for the show, he was actually auditioning for Harvey Bullock, the overweight cop with a vendetta against Batman.  Thank heavens the casting director decided to put him in as Bruce/Batsy...I just can't picture the animated Batman having any other voice.  Nor can I picture this guy speaking with the cool, cool voice Conroy would have provided him:

Harvey "Lard-Lovin'" Bullock.

I especially can't picture it because of the way Conroy looks:

Then again, it's hard to picture this guy as a masked vigilante who has mastered multiple martial arts, and who regularly breaks noses, backs, legs and many other bones nightly...