The Voices Inside Arnold's Football Head

It's hard to believe that the d-bag-turned-goblin from the Disney Channel original movie Halloweentown also voice the ultra sensitive, caring and compassionate Arnold from the Nickelodeon classic, "Hey Arnold!" but I assure you it's true.  Now that you know this fact you will not be able to listen to Phillip Van Dyke in Halloweentown without hearing a little bit of Arnold coming through.

See for yourself:

Some truly high caliber acting.  It is a travesty this film did not win any Emmys. 

Van Dyke was not the only person to lend his voice to the 4th grader with a football-shaped cranium. In fact Arnold was voiced by four different actors throughout the show's run.  Toran Caudell voiced provided the voice for Arnold for all of the first season and two episodes in the second.  Van Dyke took over for the rest of the second season as well as all of the third.  After he departed, Spencer Klein stepped in to volunteer his voice for all of the fourth season and almost the entire 5th season.   Alex D. Linz put on the figurative blue cap and red shirt under a sweater for just two episodes of the final season.  Arnold is the only main child character to have had multiple voices.

Speaking of voices, remember the submissive, mousy, incredibly nerdy girl named Phoebe Heyerdahl?  Here's a picture to help you remember:

She was voiced by Anndi McAfee, who now looks like this: