North Korea's Crazy Fake City

Kijong-dong is a North Korean city nestled in the demilitarized zone that lies between North and South Korea.   It is a farming community with a population of around 200 people, and it is the shining paragon of how wonderful modern life in North Korea is.  Except, there is nobody who actually lives in this city.

The city is a complete facade.   The buildings are nothing more than empty shells made of steel and concrete.  Some of the buildings were wired for electric lights (a luxury very few REAL North Koreans enjoy) to give the appearance of a fully modern city.

Well if that doesn't scream "Paradise" I don't what does.

Each morning actors were bused into the city with the instructions to go about normal business.  At night the buses would return and the actors would be taken home just as the lights in the fake homes began to turn on.

The city was meant to entice disgruntled South Korean farmers into defecting to North Korea.  In fact there used to be loudspeakers mounted throughout the city which would inform South Koreans that any who defected over to North Korea would be " welcomed as brothers".  The loudspeakers have such been abandoned since, to the surprise of nobody except maybe delusional dictators, the resulting defection rate was rather disappointing. Seriously, who wouldn't want to defect in order to live in a country run by this guy:

Time to get "Il" with it. Kim Jong Il

Or his successor, this guy:

Kim Jong Un. He's the crazy looking one.  Sorry, I should be more clear; He's the crazy looking one in the ears.