Eye Floaters

Have you ever noticed that weird squiggly line in your vision?  You try to move your eye to get a better looks at it only to have it scurry away to the peripheral vision.  The whole phenomenon is best summed up by Stewart Gilligan Griffin:

The reason those shy little buggers are always moving is because they actually reside in the jelly found inside your peepers.  In fact the lines you see are actually reflection microscopic fibers floating around inside you eyeball.  They move when you try to look at them because you are moving your eyeball, thus displacing them.  They are nothing to worry about.  Unless you see a ton of them frequently.  That might be a sign of a retinal tear, which needs to be treated right away.

The operation is quite simple.  Basically they stick a rod into your eye and freeze the hole, causing scarring which seals the tear up.  Here's a little visual aid to help you understand the procedure:

Don't worry, I'm sure that squiggly line is nothing to worry about.  Or maybe it is.  This is why it is never a good idea to go to a site like WebMD to look up what a squiggly line in the eye is.

Source: webmd.com