Catches Milk Just Like Flies - One Awesome Practical Effect from Spider-Man (2002)

Remember that scene is Sam Raimi's Spider-Man where Peter manages to catch all of MJ's lunch items after she slips on a puddle of orange Juice?  MJ, who is naturally impressed, manages a "nice reflexes" before awkwardly noticing that Peter has blue eyes and then leaving with a "well, see ya."

Here is the clip to refresh your memory:

What makes this scene even more amazing is the fact that absolutely no CGI was used in its making.  Tobey Maguire actually caught all those items on the tray (with the aid of a sticky substance) with no special effects whatsoever.  Since that's all I've got for today and I don't know how to end this post, here is a funny picture of Spider-Man:

Spider-Man Shirt
Spider-Man Shirt