Ah-ha-ha Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha (Mandark's Real Name, and other Dexter's Lab Fun Facts)

For those of you who did not grow up watching Dexter's Laboratory please let me offer my sincerest of condolences.  Truly, this masterpiece of the 90s was one of the greatest cartoon series to grace the airwaves of television, taking its place in the hallowed halls of the Cartoon Network's Pantheon of Cartoon Cartoons.

For those of you who watched the show regularly back in its hey-day, I'm willing to bet that you remember a little character named Mandark.  You know the really tall gangly kid who served as Dexter's arch-nemesis with the amazing maniacal laugh.  Here maybe this will refresh your memory:

I gave you the 10 hour version to sufficiently jog your memory.

Now that your memory has been sufficiently jogged perhaps you remember Mandark's actual first name.  No?  It's Susan.  Yup, the evil genius that is the bane of Dexter's existence has a girl name. The reason for this can be explained by looking at a picture of this poor child's parents:

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Mandark's Parents 

Yup, Susan's parents are hippies.  They named their son "Susan" after the wind told them to.  Yeah hippies are weird. Unless your a hippie in which case, thanks for reading my blog!  Be sure to follow my blog and like me on Facebook and Twitter!  Huh, its probably not a great idea to try to garner support from hippies by selling out to them.  Ah well doesn't hurt to try!

Here's one last fact to leave you with for today.   Eddie Deezen provided the voice for Mandark (Susan).  You may recognize his voice from other project such as the Polar Express in which he plays the obnoxious as Hades kid that knows everything about everything.  What's interesting is how much he looks like Mandark.  Take a look for yourself:

Eddie Deezen

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network