Hey Arnold! Origins

Hey Arnold! was literally one of the greatest cartoon series that aired during the 90s.  With a cast of actual children providing the voices of the main characters (a first for a Nickelodeon series) and some surprisingly poignant stories filled to the brim with pathos, the show managed to convey a feeling of sincerity and genuineness not found in many other animated TV shows.

But did you know that Arnold himself debuted long before his show would in 1996?  Arnold made his first appearance in an animated claymation short called "Arnold Escapes from Church" which was made way back in 1986 and can be viewed below.


Shortly after his first appearance, Craig Bartlett (Arnold's creator) began making shorts forSesame Street before finally developing an animated show which was picked up by Nickelodeon.   Pretty crazy to think that the incredibly fleshed-out world of Hey Arnold! came from such humble beginnings!

Since I'm feeling particularly generous today, I leave you with one more fun fact for the day.

The man who provided the voice for this guy:

Also provides the voice for this guy:

Source: IMDB.com